Entering a New Era for the Cherokee Nation
Honoring our Ancestors Legacy, Preparing Our Legacy for our Children's
Children's Children's Children unto Seven generations.

The Cherokee Nation continues to believe in our Constitution, order, equality among our tribal members, education, and job qualification to honor the efforts of all tribal members. These values are to be implemented; it is not enough to Say, it is necessary to DO if we are to maintain our moral and ethical duties as your elected representatives. Seeking your support and your vote in the spirit of a government that REPRESENTS ALL members of the Cherokee Nation, is ETHICAL AND MORAL In Decision making, HONORS OUR CONSTITUTION, prepares for our future through the INVESTMENT IN OURPEOPLE, assures the confidence of tribal members through TRANSPARENCY, in our governmental status, and assuring that the values of the Ancestors continues in the ELECTED OFFICIALS AS SERVANTS of the People.


Whereas; our national investments have been profitable our nation is now able to share that good planning with the people. One million dollars will be provided to the people annually. The procedure will be one that cares for our elders first. Beginning with the eldest living member on the roll and going downto those aged 55 years each enrolled member will get $250.00 biannually until the one million dollars is dispensed each year. That is, one million dollars per year will be given to our elder enrolled members in increments $250.00 biannually. Our profits will be shared with the people who own all that the Nation has acquired. Thanks to our good planning this is possible.


A career training center will be available to all Cherokees in the north and south of our Nation. Tribal members seeking to upgrade their job-ready skills will have the advantage of a center which can provide information on the types of available jobs, job qualifications, and available training for those jobs.All enrolled Cherokees who are high school juniors or seniors will be identified nationally. Each will receive a letter of commendation for their efforts and a letter of invitation to attend a one-week summer conference on education and training. A list of careers: geology, zoology, MBA, land management, resource development, waste management,  needed in our future will be identified. The purpose is to assure that qualified Cherokees are available to fill employment positions for our future within the Nation:

> Encourage them to continue their education and training,
> Provide a list of jobs needed in the Cherokee Nation,
> List intern short term on-the-job experience for those entering their senior year of higher education positions within the Nation,
> List extern positions (short term on-the-job experience for those who just graduated from higher education) within the Nation,
> Keep an active list of qualified, educated young Cherokees who meet the needs of our Nation, annually contact them,
> Assure the Nation is open and welcome to hiring qualified, interested Cherokees.

IMPLEMENT LEGISLATION regarding Job Security stating that all jobs within the Cherokee Nation are secure positions regardless of the results of any election. Only the Chiefs cabinet and those in the administration office can be changed due to any election results. The HR department, job qualifications, and job security will be assured within the Cherokee Nation.

Contract Corporation Relationship

All corporations contracting with the Cherokee Nation with contracts exceeding one million dollars with provide two scholarships annually to Cherokee high school seniors or college freshmen of five thousand dollars annually for four years. After the first year, the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible for the next three years, unless individual circumstances are presented and accepted by a committee of the tribe and representatives of the corporation determine to continue the scholarship.


Homes will again be built for Cherokee families. This decision will build on the shared responsibility program, assure that increase of family assets, assure long-term living improvements, improve the price of the land for families, improve family pride, and improve overall pride of all the Cherokee by providing for the families and our future.
A home is the greatest asset a family can own. The Cherokee Nation recognized the need, the benefit and shares the desire for every Cherokee to have a permanent home by assisting in providing homes.