Stories Relevant To The CNO/Cherokee Nation
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Ousted Cherokee Nation leader files appeal over election

Letter: Acting Cherokee Nation chief defies tribe on Freedmen

Cedric Sunray: Cherokee Nation joins the disenrollment club

Bill John Baker certified as winner of Cherokee Nation election  

Turtle Talk: Cherokee Nation court inflames Freedmen dispute 

Opinion: Another view on the Cherokee Nation Freedmen flap  

Bill John Baker set to become new leader of Cherokee Nation   

Kimberly Horton: Cherokee Nation, racism and the Freedmen  

Cherokee Nation without HUD funds amid Freedmen dispute

Cherokee Nation begins counting of ballots for principal chief 

Cherokee Nation anticipates results of election by Wednesday

Opinion: Greed and racism with removal of Cherokee Freedmen 

Cherokee Nation extends balloting in ongoing Freedmen dispute 

Cherokee Nation faces contempt order in Freedmen vote dispute 

Cherokee Nation sees increase in turnout for second election 

Results of Cherokee Nation principal chief vote due October 10 

Column: Freedmen dispute a sad story for the Cherokee Nation 

Letter: Cherokee Freedmen dustup about sovereignty not race 

Judge approves order for Freedmen vote in Cherokee election  

Cherokee Nation allows Freedmen to vote in Saturday's election

Federal judge to hear arguments in Cherokee Freedmen lawsuit 

NPR: Cherokee Nation facing scrutiny for ousting the Freedmen 

Cherokee Nation starts sending provisional ballots to Freedmen 

NYT: Tribal rights vs. racial justice in Cherokee Freedmen battle 

Blog: Rush Limbaugh offers take on Cherokee Freedmen dispute 

Steve Russell: The circus that has become the Cherokee Nation 

Cherokee Nation to allow Freedmen to cast provisional ballots 
Editorial: Cherokee Nation faces pressure on fate of Freedmen 
Acting Cherokee Nation chief vows to protect tribe's interests 
BIA warns Cherokee Nation about disenrollment of Freedmen 
Lawmakers want HUD to restore funding to Cherokee Nation  

HUD won't release funds to Cherokee Nation in Freedmen flap

Judge sets hearing on Freedmen motion for Cherokee election 

Freedmen eye lawsuit in federal court over Cherokee election 

Freedmen seek appeal for loss of Cherokee Nation citizenship

Jay Tavare: Divide and conquer -- disenrollment among tribes

Turtle Talk: Tribal courts, treaty rights and disputes

Cherokee Freedmen lose right to vote in upcoming chief election 
Decision allows Cherokee Nation to remove Freedmen from rolls